Reflection Room Reno

Create your own meditation, stretching, and reflection sanctuary - right in your home! 

It doesn’t have to be big, it just needs to be a quiet, safe and comfortable corner in your home. 

Declutter this area so you have room to move. Make it a personal reflection of you. Add a plants, buddha (if you like these statues), a basket for your yoga mat and other yoga accessories, a candle, a pillow to sit on (or a chair) for meditation, and any other items that brings you peace, such as rocks, driftwood, flowers, and pictures of loved ones. 

Access to an electrical outlet and internet for music, and consider an aromatherapy diffuser so you can introduce organic scents into your meditation space. For example, to liven up the senses, add a drop or two of food grade essential oil to a soy based candle or diffuser to enjoy aromatherapeutic benefits.

Voila! You have create a safe niche for quality contemplative time. Enjoy!

Holistically YOurs,


P.S. The Grateful Heart: A 21-Day Journey into Inspiration and Gratitude is a beautiful guide to reconnect you with your Buddha Self - that calm, reflective, and wise being you are deep within. For more information, check out the e-books section.

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