The Expanding Mind

Neuroplasticity is a hot topic these days as science is making strides in proving that the brain can "rewire" itself.

It reminds me of a chance meeting I had with a fellow in an airplane. Just prior to take-off, he leaned over and said, "Oh by the way, if I pass out, can you please spray this nitro under my tongue." I said, "Sure."  

We got to talking and he showed me some type of scan of of his blocked heart. Amazingly the image revealed formations of newer smaller arteries sprouting off the coronary and anterior atrial (or right coronary - not sure exactly which one) artery. It was fascinating to see how the body adapts.

It got me thinking about our brains. AS we get older, we're often told to do things differently to keep the brain thinking, for instance, instead of taking the same way home, choose an alternate route, or learn something new to challenge the brain. These things help the brain adapt to new stimuli.

There is a lot of research that is being done to prove that grey matter can also"regenerate," For example, Mindfulness studies prove that in as short as 8 weeks, mindfulness practice can increase grey matter. Remember, the mind is a muscle, so a regular meditation and mindfulness practice is best for maintenance.

Other ways to generate new brain cells include aerobic activity. If you can't run or cycle, get in a brisk walk 4 -5 times a week. Games, social activities, the occasional red wine, omega 3 in your diet, and sex are great ways to keep those brain cells pumping!

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P.S. Here's a great youtube video about neurogenesis;

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