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Talk Therapy

What Is Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy is a therapy based on the simple notion that talking about your thoughts and feelings can bring clarity and cause a positive change in your emotions. It is also known as psychotherapy. Talk therapy, or psychotherapy, is what most people think of when they hear the word therapist or counsellor: a conversation between a person and a therapist, discussing the person's thoughts or challenges, and working together to find insights and solutions.


Talk therapy is one of the most widely used types of therapy, and for a good reason. Having a trusted person to talk to is very important for one's mental health and overall happiness. When that person is a trained therapist who can offer you valuable insight and helpful suggestions, the benefits are even greater.


People who receive psychotherapy are better able to function in their daily lives.

More AboutTalk Therapy

Types Of Talk Therapy

In addition to the different theories of psychotherapy (Cognitive Behaviroal Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Approaches, Narrative Therapy, etc) , there are multiple ways in which one can choose to undergo talk therapy.

Individual: One-on-one talk therapy between a patient and therapist Many people prefer this type of therapy if they have things they do not feel comfortable sharing with other people.


Group Therapy: A talk therapy session with two or more patients present. Some group therapies are for people suffering from the same condition or struggle, like alcohol rehabilitation groups. Patients can learn from one another's experiences, and some people may find comfort in knowing that others are also struggling with similar challenges.


Who Can Benefit From Talk Therapy?

Anyone can benefit from talk therapy. Regardless of if you are suffering from any emotional distress, talking about your thoughts and emotions is a helpful way to process them. But, some people and conditions are an especially good fit for talk therapy, such as:


Low Self-Esteem


Benefits Of Talk Therapy

The conditions mentioned about can certainly be helped with talk therapy. But, really anyone can benefit from talk therapy, regardless of if they are living with a specific mental health condition. In addition to relieving symptoms of depression or another condition, there are benefits of talk therapy that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Clarity: One of the most useful aspects of talk therapy is that it helps people find clarity with their thoughts and emotions. Through talk therapy, you may realize why you have certain emotional triggers, or why you hold on to certain negative feelings. Regardless of their overall happiness level, most people have some things that they struggle with emotionally. Talk therapy is a great way to let it out and have a trained professional offer you insight on your feelings, to help bring a greater sense of mental clarity and peace so you can improve yourself.


Support: Everyone needs people they can lean on in hard times. In addition to friends and family, a therapist whom you see for talk therapy can be a valuable addition to your support team. A therapist is someone whom you can always speak to openly about your struggles, without any fear of judgment. They can offer valuable insight and suggestions on how to feel better or get through a hard time. More than just an open ear to listen to your problems, therapists are trained to offer advice and help you through them.


Self Care: The self-care movement is booming, but sometimes people forget to mention mental health. Warm baths and home-cooked meals are wonderful things to incorporate into your life, but taking care of your mind and emotions is even more important. Working with a therapist to clear up any lingering negative thoughts or emotions you have, or to work on a more serious mental condition, should be seen as an important aspect of self-care. Deciding to participate in talk therapy means that you do not want to be held back by negative thoughts or any hard times in life. Talk therapy can help you feel your best and learn coping methods to make it easier to get through life's curveballs and challenges.


Good mental health affects all areas of your life and should be a priority for everyone. If you would like to see the difference talk therapy can make in your life or relationship.

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