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The Soul Compass

Let Your Heart Lead the Way

Psychotherapy. Art. Movement. Play. Meditation

Children, Teens, Adults, Couples

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About Us

Welcome. If you’re reading this, you’re one step closer to starting your wellness journey with us! Read the latest Spotlight here.


At The Soul Compass, our approach is unique. We use traditional evidence-based Talk Therapies as well as Art Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, Body-Based Therapies (movement, yoga, breathing), Buddhist Psychotherapies (mindfulness to the next level), Spiritual Psychotherapies, and Neurobiological Nourishment Counselling (the most neglected aspect of mental and physical health.)


If you want to learn more, reach out. We’re more than happy to discuss our services.


We're here for YOU

Tiffany specializes in the treatment of grief, loss, and trauma

through talk therapy, art therapy, trauma-informed yoga, and Buddhist + Spiritual psychotherapy

As a Nurse Practitioner, Sara offers consultation in matters dealing with health and wellness, neurobiological nourishment, and exercise. 

Tiffany and Sara work with children, teenagers, and adults.

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