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I began 2022 with 30 days of Self-Compassion Prompts. Here are a few. 

"Research on self-compassion has shown increased performance and benefits in overcoming #mentalhealth barriers, aversive thoughts, fear of failure, and negative emotions (Neff & Knox, 2017). Other studies have reported #positive associations of self-compassion to #goalmastery (Neff, Hsieh, & Dejitterat, 2005) and achievement goals (Ahmet, 2008), again promoting better performance (Barnard and Curry, 2011). A meta-analysis by Zessin et al. (2015) showed that self-compassion was positively associated with both subjective well-being, in terms of both positive and negative affect and #lifesatisfaction, and #psychological well-being." (Difabbio and Saklofske 2021).

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