6th Sense Smoothie

Heighten your awareness with this magical smoothie!

I love breakfast smoothies! They are easy to make, light, nutritious, and delicious. (See recipe at end of blog!)

What I love most about smoothie bowls is that you can blend in boosters like magnesium, collagen, probiotics, fibre, and so much more, and not even know that they are included.I'm always experimenting with new additions.

Wondering why I have posts like this one? What could this possibly have to do with mental wellness? Here's why.

Part of my holistic mental health practice includes assessing your diet.

I call it Neurobiological Nourishment Counselling.

Hands down, this is ONE of the MOST NEGLECTED aspects of physical and MENTAL HEALTH.

And often, it's not just one thing, but a collection of poor habits, including and most importantly how you fuel your body.

Many issues related to nutrition include GI issues, headaches, menopause symptoms, weight issues, body aches, constant colds or flu, seasonal affective disorder, anxiousness, ADHD, depression, irritated, feeling icky, low sex drive...

In my practice, I integrate psychotherapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and neurobiological nourishment concepts as part of a holistic intervention. I work closely with your doctor (with consent, and if necessary), and possibly a dietician or health food expert to ensure that you are living your most holistic and healthy life!

To enhance my practice, I took an intensive course on Neurobiological Nourishment for Mental Health. It has enabled me to integrate all of the aspects of my practice including evidence-based psychotherapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual and Energy Work, Yoga and breathwork, and Integrative Medicine and Nutrition. This is my life's work people, and it is a truly healing one.

If you find yourself going to the doctor's office or emerg more than you'd like, or you've been told you have a functional illness or it's in your head (this infuriates me), or you just need to get unstuck, this might be a good alternative for you!

Below the picture is more about this morning bowl and the recipe.

In this magic smoothie bowl, I've added one of my favourite ingredients - BLUE spirulina!

Typically, you'll find green spirulina in abundance. It's touted as a super supplement that provides a host of nutrients and benefits for the body. Green spirulina is a staple in my fridge. It's got a rich and earthly forest green colour and makes a wonderful addition to shakes, yogourt or oat dishes, and even some baked goods. (I've got an amazing spirulina recipe I will share with you soon!).

But BLUE spirulina - this is fun! As you can see in the picture, blue spirulina gives your foods a delicious and beautiful blue colour. It is even more beautiful than the picture. I source my blue spirulina from a reliable source. Do your homework and find reputable company.

This 6th sense smoothie bowl is a yummy bowl of goodness. If you can tolerate yogourt, add yogourt, splash of coconut milk (if you do not like yogourt, use coconut milk), frozen banana, frozen pineapple, frozen cooked cauliflower, a small chunk of fresh cucumber, and blue spirulina. Sprinkle with your favourite fruit and coconut flakes.

Be generous with your vegetables and easy on the fruit, especially if you are adding different fruits.

Interested in a Neurobiological Nourishment Assessment?

Email me at

Holistically Yours,


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